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Joint statement from Stock Hill Medical Centre and your Patient Participation Group


Stock Hill Medical Centre and your Patient Participation Group

It has been brought to our attention that during the past few weeks there has been a growing minority of patients that are being rude and abusive toward the hard-working staff at Stock Hill Medical Centre.  We would like to remind this minority that the practice has a zero-tolerance policy where GPs and their staff have a right to care for others without fear of being attacked or abused.

Please be aware that during the pandemic the services have been fully open and operating for all patients although there been some delays to services due to several of the reception team either being off unwell, shielding or self-isolating as well as managing their own duties. They have never before worked under such pressure.

There have been huge system adaptations to follow the frequently changing advice from NHS England over the last 6 months, with the aim of keeping patients and staff safe. This has resulted in dealing with unprecedented requests for phone advice, prescriptions, investigation results, hospital letters and requests, home visits and planning flu clinics following social distancing rules.

Since the start of the pandemic all GP appointments are telephone triaged and when clinically appropriate and safe, patients are seen face-to-face.

To meet social distancing and safety guidance only a limited number of patients are allowed in the waiting room at any one time, the previous system cannot be returned to without putting patients and staff at risk.

We would like to thank the majority of our patients for their kindness and understanding and would ask you to spread the message that in facing these trying times together we treat each other with respect and tolerance.

Many Thanks

Stock Hill Medical Centre